Daniel Lin

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Daniel Lin

Hey! I'm a product manager at Grammarly and based in San Francisco. I've worked 7+ years in tech, and studied cognitive science at UCLA.

AI Product Manager: I build AI assistants that augment human ingenuity, using human-centered AI best practices and a multidisciplinary background in product and design.

As a Secret Weapon, I drive innovation by being nimble, autonomously creative, and unassuming.

Kitesurfing Nomad: I enjoy kitesurfing and car camping along the West Coast, while practicing mindful productivity and minimalism.

As an INFP, I value creativity, empathy, and harmony; but I can be too optimistic.

This is my digital garden: a growing network of work-in-progress thoughts, organized as 🌱 notes, 🌿 drafts, and 🍏 essays.

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